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          Relay common problems and treatment measures

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          First, the contact is loose and cracked back
          The contact is the electrical contact part of the relay to complete the switching load. The contacts of some products are press-fitted by riveting. The main disadvantages are loose contact, cracked contact or excessive positional deviation. This will affect the contact reliability of the relay. The lifting point is loose, which is caused by the unfairness of the mating department of the reed and the contact or the improper adjustment of the riveting pressure by the operator. Contact cracking is caused by too high a material or too much pressure. For different materials, the contacts are made of different materials. Some of the higher hardness contact materials should be annealed for contact manufacturing, riveting or spot welding. Contact manufacturing should be careful, because the material has tolerances, so the length of each block should be determined after trial and error. Contact manufacturing should not cause flashing, stumping and imperfections. The contact riveting is caused by the operator not correcting the touch and misaligning the upper and lower touches. Contact damage, contamination, oil contamination and iron filings on uncleaned tools. Regardless of the ills, it will affect the reliability of the relay. Therefore, in the process of contact manufacturing, riveting or electric welding, it is necessary to observe the self-test demarcation of the intermediate inspection and the final inspection of the first piece to improve the assembly quality.
          Second, the relay parameters are not chaotic
          The commensurate department of the parts of the electromagnetic relay is riveted and fitted, and the main problem is that the riveting is loose or the bonding strength is poor. This kind of fault will make the relay parameters not chaotic, the parameters change greatly under high and low temperature, and the resistance to mechanical vibration and impact resistance is poor. The main reason for this problem is that the riveted parts are out of tolerance, the parts are improperly placed, the quality of the work tools is different, or the installation is incorrect. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check whether the tool and the rivet parts meet the requirements before the welding.
          Third, electromagnetic system riveting deformation
          After the riveting, the parts are bent, skewed, and the thick black of the pier causes problems in the assembly or adjustment of the next process, and even causes scrapping. The main reason for this problem is that the riveted parts are too long, the force is not too short when it is too short or riveted, the assembly deviation or the design size is wrong, and the parts are improperly placed. When riveting, the operator should first check the size of the parts, the appearance, and whether the tool is correct. If the tool is not installed, it will affect the assembly quality of the electromagnetic system or the deformation of the core and the thickness of the pier.
          Fourth, glass insulator damage
          The glass insulator is made of metal pins and glass sintered. The pins that are easily lifted during inspection, assembly, adjustment, transportation and cleaning are bent, the glass insulators are dropped and cracked, and the air leakage and the insulation and pressure resistance are reduced. The pin rolling also causes the contact reed to shift, which affects the reliable continuity of the product. This requires the operator of the assembly to handle it gently during the whole process of the relay production. The parts should be placed neatly in the transfer box. When assembling or adjusting, it is not allowed to pull or twist the lead.
          Five, coil failure
          There are many types of coils for relays. They are either outsourced or outsourced. The coils should be placed in separate special parts in separate parts. If the collisions are connected, they will cause disconnection when separated. When the electromagnetic system is riveted, the pressure adjustment of the hand press and the press should be moderate. If the pressure is too high, the coil will be broken or the coil bob will be cracked, deformed, and the winding will be broken. If the pressure is too small, the winding will be loose and the magnetic loss will increase. Multi-winding coils are typically made with different colored leads. When soldering, you should pay attention to the resolution, otherwise the coil will be soldered incorrectly. The coils with the requirements of the beginning end are generally marked with the method of marking to indicate the beginning. Care should be taken when assembling and soldering, otherwise the relay level will be reversed.

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