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           Hello, Welcome to DongGuan FangXiong Electric Co., Ltd. official website, we will be happy to serve you!
          DongGuan FangXiong Electric Co., Ltd|通訊繼電器|通用功率繼電器|汽車繼電器|磁保持繼電器
          Phone Number:0769-85963872

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          DongGuan FangXiong Electric Co.,Ltd

          Tel: 0769-85963872
          Fax: 0769-85878012
          Headquarters / South China:
          Contact: Mr. Yang
          Tel: 13711958699
          Q Q: 2605682589
          E-mail: yzs901@163.com

          Contact: Miss. Wu
          Tel: 18938513087
          Q Q: 1519433726
          E-mail: 1519433726@qq.com

          East China, North China and other regions:
          Contact: Mr. Yang
          Tel: 13711835029
          Q Q: 446323763
          E-mail: Fxrelay@163.com

          Ministry of Foreign Trade:

          Contact: Ken Yu
          Tel: (0086)15913711992
          Q Q: 2812714675
          E-mail: fxrelay02@163.com

          Website: www.lumogram.com
          Add: No.42, Fuxing Street, Bailu Industrial Zone, Houjie Town, Dongguan City

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          DongGuan FangXiong Electric Co.,Ltd

          DongGuan FangXiong Electric Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of relays. The company's products mainly include communication relays, general power relays, automotive relays and magnetic holding relays. The company currently produces more than 50 series of relay products, a variety of product specifications, widely used in communications, household appliances, North American UL / C-UL, European TUV, China CQC and other domestic and foreign safety certification, all products in line with EU ROHS Environmental directives and REACH requirements.

          The company has consistently adhered to the "quality first, customer first, continuous innovation, excellence" purpose, attach importance to management and technological innovation, and constantly introduce advanced equipment, management concepts and design ideas. Through unremitting efforts and customer support and trust, the company is growing in size. At present, the company has a standard dust-free factory with an area of 20,000 square meters and more than 400 workers, with a monthly production capacity of more than 5 million.

          In the increasingly competitive global market, Fangxiong Electric will continue to serve the new and old customers all over the world with excellent quality, reasonable and competitive price, punctual delivery and perfect after-sales service.

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